Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recall for the 2010 Mustang

Apparently, Ford issued a recall on the 2010 Mustang line, but Ford Mustang owners have known about this issue for years! :)

You can read the whole article here.

In my opinion, they should have issued a wider recall to include models from years past.

Mustang in the Mirror

Ford Mustang in the Side-view Mirror

I see you. I always see you. You're in my rearview mirror. Silently sneaking into the side-view mirror. Whether you have a classic Ford Mustang, Saleen, Fox-body, Shelby or Cobra...I see you. Now, you'll drive alongside me and do one of the following things... 1) Look over at my Mustang and then at me to say 'Nice' or something to that effect 2) Look over my Mustang and attempt to engage me in a NASCAR-like race on the highway 3) Attempt to zoom past me, without so much as a wave All the while, I'm most likely going to do one of the following things... 1) Look over at your Mustang and then at you to say 'Nice' or something like that 2) Look over your Mustang and drop mine into neutral, rev up the ponies, just so I know that you know I'm there 3) Continue on my way, without so much as a wave

Either way, I hope that you make it safely to your destination.