Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rear View

Mustang GT Bumper
This is the view that most people see when we're on the move.
If you're not in a Mustang, just move over and get out of my way.

One view that some people don't see too often is under the car.
Last time a clutch was replaced, it was on the 2002,
this time it's the 2000 Mustang GT.
So, prior to putting the transmission back
on the car, I crawled beneath the car and snapped a few photos.

Underneath the GT: Pressure Plate

In the photo above, the pressure plate and the teeth from the fly-wheel can be seen,
 along with the bell-housing.
Really, it was pure coincidence that the clutch was the same
color as the Mustang.

Output shaft of transmission
The output shaft of the transmission and the splines
for the driveshaft can be seen in this photo above.

Installing a clutch isn't a walk in the park.
You gotta have the right equipment - tools and parts -
but most of all you'll need time and some assistance wouldn't hurt.
Lucky for us, all the above were available to complete this project.

What's your next project?