Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Intake Manifold for 2002 Mustang GT

Ford Racing Shipping Box Finally Here!

A few days after ordering the intake manifold,
it arrived in a beautiful box.

Ford Intake Manifold in Box

We opened up the box to make sure it arrived in one piece
and to inspect it closely.

As a side-note:
An all metal intake would have been preferable,
however there was a great difference in cost.

2002 Ford Mustang GT Engine

The fun part was next.

Removing the current manifold.

Sounds easy, but there are many other
parts that must be removed too.

In the photo above, the upper intake, alternator, fuel rails,
fuel injectors along with hoses,
vacuum lines and other connections
(that all should be labeled) were removed.

2002 Ford Mustang GT Engine with Intake Manifold Removed

The lower intake has been removed,
and now it's extremely evident that labeling
the connections is very important
before removing any part.

Close up of Build-up in Manifold

This is a close up of the intake ports to show
the grime that has built up over the years,
as well as the old gasket material.

Cleaning all the ports and removing the old
gasket material is the next step.
The shop-vac was also used to remove
anything that might have fallen into the ports.
It looks funny...seeing a vacuum being used
in the engine, but it's effective.

New Ford Intake Manifold Installed

Before I knew it, the new intake was in place.
I had wanted to get a photo of the cleaned up ports,
but my mechanic (husband) was ready to get this
project finished ASAP, and with the Texas heat 
taking its toll, I didn't blame him.

Once everything was in place,
we started the car and let it idle to make
sure that there were no leaks, or odd noises.

A test drive was also done to ensure that
all was well, even under pressure.

So, for the past few days, the
Mustang GT has been driven
and no longer occupies the driveway 24/7,
all thanks to my husband for taking on this project :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things Gone Awry...

In case you were wondering if this
was a case of blog-neglect....
wonder no more!

We've had a series of misfortunate events
occur that have kept us busy....

2000 Mustang GT collage

One vehicle is out for the count.

Although the Mustang GT took the brunt of it,
he was able to walk away.

This sad event was followed by another
incident later that SAME day.

2002 Mustang GT: busted hose on the intake manifold

Seems that the 2002 Mustang GT wasn't too
thrilled that her SO was getting so much
attention that she threw a gasket!

Quite literally.
A new intake manifold is on the way
to replace the original, which is
manufactured with plastic
parts that tend to crack.

1987 Mustang 5.0

Then of course the 1987 Mustang 5.0
needed to get in on the action....twice.

One morning the car didn't want to start...
not even turn over. 
Turns out it was a simple fix -
the battery cable needed replacing.

A few days later, the serpentine belt
shredded to teeny-tiny bits
while I was on the highway.
I managed to limp the car home,
let it cool down and 
put the old belt back on.
Luckily, the engine didn't sustain
any damage....
that we know of.

Somewhere in between
all this craziness, the
Suburban was egged
in the middle of the night.

When it pours - Morton Salt