Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keeping the Mustang on the Highway

2000 Red Ford Mustang GT with Black Stripes

We were on our way to Austin, in November 2009, in this photo. We opted to go in one car, since the price of gasoline doesn't seem to decrease.

To keep your car as fuel efficient as it can be do the following on a regular basis :

- Maintain optimal air pressure in the tires Grab a tire gauge and check the air pressure in the tires. You can find the optimal air pressure or PSI on the tire itself.

- Use a fuel additive to clean out fuel lines You can go to the local auto parts store and find fuel additives/cleansers. Typically, we’ll reach for a product called SeaFoam. Read over the directions, since some need to be added with a full tank of gas.

- Clean out the air filter Generally speaking, this is one of the easier tasks that just about anyone can handle. Our Mustangs have K&N filters, which can be cleaned out and used again and again.

It’s crucial that the engine receives oxygen, but if your car can’t breathe, then it tends to sputter and/or use up more fuel. Newer cars can have several O2 sensors to maintain the correct oxygen/fuel mixture the engine receives. If one of the O2 sensors goes bad, the “Check Engine” light will appear. Once the code is checked, the O2 sensor can be located and replaced…but sometimes they’re not easily accessible.

The items on this list will help keep your car running efficiently.

What other tips do you have to keep your car running smoothly?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Million Mustangs

On March 2, 1966, Ford was celebrating the production of its one millionth Mustang. Even as the years have rolled by, the Ford Mustang remains a favorite for auto enthusiasts... from those who restore the classics, to the grocery-getters and for those who just love to drive the Mustang! You can read more about the one millionth Mustang here.