Saturday, August 6, 2011

Austin Round Up 2011

Going to car shows is always fun and exciting,
especially when there are so many Ford Mustangs!
It's a chance to not only view classic cars, project cars and newer models,
but also to meet the people that restore and care for these cars.

So much effort goes into finding the vehicle itself, parts, tools
and then finding the time to put it all together.
There's almost always a back story to how the car or truck came to be...
whether it was passed down thru the generations or
bought from a friend of a friend who knew a guy.

It's great how some folks have restoration photos
going back to how they originally found their car, rusty, dented
and without an engine sometimes, all the way to showroom shine.
It shows the dedication and hard work involved in restoring a classic.

It was a bright, sunny and scorchin' hot day in Austin,
so a big "Thanks" goes out to all those who showed their cars,
and those who were there to appreciate them!

Here are just a few photos from today's
MOCA (Mustang Owners Club of Austin) car show in Austin, TX.
Click to find out more about MOCA

Fastback Ford Mustang
'67 Mustang Fastback

TX DPS Ford Mustang..driven all the way from Houston
TX DPS '89 Ford Mustang driven in from Houston

Terlingua Racing Team Ford Mustang
Terlingua Racing Team Ford Mustang

Custom Ford Thunderbird
Custom '58 Ford Thunderbird

More photos from the car show will be posted soon.

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