Monday, August 24, 2009


We're constantly searching for parts and since we are, we're sure you are too. This isn't a advertisement for, but I'm sure posts like these will help if your looking and can't find something. Do you have a need for an auto part that is costly or just plain hard to find? Once you've looked at the usual places (salvage yards, auto parts stores or even the dealer), cruise on over to the Craigslist site. The Craigslist site enables someone to post an ad, for free, whether they are selling an item or want to buy (WTB) something. Select your state and city (or nearest city) and click on either the Auto Parts or Cars+Trucks section. In your city or a city near you, there just might be someone selling that part or even the whole car that you're looking for. Usually the cheapest way to find anything around is to just keep looking, if you can wait. There's no guarantee that the item your looking for on any particular day will be listed or even near you, but it's worth a shot. Searching on CraigsList, also encourages person to person interaction. If you have the gift of gab, and can talk a mean deal, you might get what you're looking for at the right price. You might even meet someone who shares the same enthusiam for cars, or who knows the best mechanic in town or where you can get a good deal on tires or other parts. Once you find the item that you're looking for, ask questions, lots of questions: 1. Does it work? 2. How old is it? 3. When was it last used? 4. Any signs of rust? 5. What year/make/model did it come from? 6. Any additional photos? 7. Are all the parts/pieces included? 8. Can I see it and the condition it's in? Once you've determined that it's worth looking into further, always, make safety for yourself priority one: 1. Meet in a public location, if possible. 2. Get a phone number and a description of the vehicle they're driving, so you know what to look for. 3. If at all possible, take someone with you, or at least let someone know where you'll be meeting. 4. Take your cell phone. 5. Don't take more than what you've already agreed upon, since you might find the particular items condition less appreciable. 6. It never hurts to haggle, talk them down, or simply bargain a fair price. Take into consideration the distance your going to get this item, that way you'll have gas money for the return trip home. Don't feel pressured to buy an item just because you've inquired about it or saw it in person. Make sure it's exactly what you need, do your homework. (Trust me, it's all good that you bought twin turbos for an application, but if you discover they're smaller than what you need, your shafted.) If it's not, just let them know it's not going to work for what you need it for and thank them for meeting with you. If you have Mustang parts or a whole car that you're selling or looking for, let us know. We can also post it on this blog for more exposure. Good Luck and be Safe.

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