Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's not just a car.

To a rare few, hearing the name "Mustang" is associated with backyard Bar-B-Que's, the American way of life, and more specifically Ford's longest production line of cars. Being one of the few to have been produced for so long, it seems that nowadays you can find one almost anywhere, in varying conditions, with different personas engrained in them. People relatively invest themselves into their autos to gain a level of comfort from either driving long distances, or just cruising on a Saturday night to the local hotspot. Here, you're welcome to post a few pictures of your ride, and write something telling us about it, or yourself, or the premise behind how you came to own one. On occasion we'll highlight a particular ride, depending on what you've done to it, where you've been lately, or any idea that might make a ride stand out from the crowd. We're always looking for a good deal, ideas, innovations and reasonably priced parts. So if you've got something laying around, chances are, someone is looking for it.


Arikun said...

I just un-registered the mustang, don't make enough to pay for all the stuff it needs and insurance right now. I wont be able to drive it until sometime next year at the soonest. So I will have time to mess with it and fix things myself hopefully. Wont be able to fix it's odd and rare habit of not turning off the turn signal or sound, and I don't think I could change it's brakes, it might need more than just the pads exchanged. Do you know anyway to make a standard factory pony go faster?

BMurray said...


For starters, the turn signal issue, can you be a little more specific with the details? Your discription makes it sound specifically like a bad ground or short somewhere in the instrument cluster.. I can't diagnois it, unless I know more..

The remainder of your question..

If your looking at performance improvements, I would highly recommend saving up for a performance chip. JET performance, makes simple, easy to install packages that actually DELIVER. Although a little pricey, i think their worth the investment.

Also, I would start looking into a CAI (Cold Air Intake) Kit, alot of people I know have the K&N CAI kit. The claims from the K&N kit are about 16-20 HP gains, so it varies from what kit, and who you talk to. Alot of companies out there advertise their stuff, but I personally have a BBK CAI on my 2000 GT.

Start calling around to the local performance shops, and inquire what their going rates of labor are. Some places are as expensive as $75.00 x hr. This is going to be valuable information, considering a big improvement would be having a set of 3.73's installed in the rear axle, over the bone stock gears.

The 3.73's will give you plenty of get up and go, and you won't lose that much top-end on the highway. Although you will cruise at a slightly higher RPM than you would with stock gearing.

If your considering serious improvements, like powertrain swaps, and P.A.'s (power adders), then I'd first recommend dumping the transmission and installing or locating a Tremec T-56, it's a 6 spd, over the Tremec T-3650 which is a 5 spd, or whatever platform is in your Mustang. The more gears means a higher top speed, and better fuel economy at cruising speed.

Catalytic converters also hamper the peformance of the engine by creating excessive exhaust back pressure, you might want to consider looking into getting HI-FLOW Cats, a off road x-pipe, and some 1 chamber mufflers. More chambers in the muffler, means more obstructions for the exhaust gases to flow around and through, creating HIGH psi. Find a pair of 1 chamber mufflers, the local tire and muffler shop should have some on hand, they're usually fairly cheap, and sound serious. Just becareful around the neighbors and law enforcement.

Keep it coming!