Sunday, June 13, 2010

Black OPS Power Adders

Also at last weekend's car show in New Braunfels,
we got to bear witness to some clever, and decisively
clandestine  tech and power adders/upgrades.

One specific example was a black 2007 Mustang GT, owned by Josh.
He had recently acquired the car from Mississippi
after flying out there and test driving it. At first glance,
Josh's 2007 seems like an everyday, generic Black Mustang,
commonly seen cruisin' the highway during the week.

Nothing unusual about it....or so I thought.

Mustang Front Lights

Taking a look inside revealed a Triple gauge A-Pillar pod,
with AIR/FUEL ratio gauge, OIL PRESSURE gauge, and BOOST gauge.
In the photo above, we can see the intercooler for
the turbo tucked neatly behind the front valance.
Mustang Center Console

Josh's GT has a line lock for his beefed up
automatic transmission, which has a manual valve body.
The gauge for the TRANS temp is centered on the
 console beside the E-brake. Although this setup lacks the additional
space for cup holders, in this case it's probably best not have one in the car,
unless you really don't like that shirt that your mom gave you.

Mustang Center Console

The covered safety switches are for the NOX bottle.
Josh has a hidden camera that replaced the lock on the trunk deck lid,
when activated by one of the smaller switches,
it displays on the DVD/AUX/CD player.
This way he can keep track of
 the competition, and record any unworthy
trendsetters getting punished.

Mustang GT Mirror

This custom enlarged GT badge adorned the inside of the trunk lid,
and concealed the camera wiring. Josh also noted that it adds a little flair
considering that his 2007 was pushing a dynoed 450rwhp off the bottle,
 and almost 700rwhp with the juice.

We were excitedly appreciative that Josh took
the time to go over his GT, and elaborate on the tech he had.
If you've got some stealth tech on board,
send us some pics, and tell us what you've got going on.

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