Thursday, June 10, 2010

Car Show, Pt 2

The South Texas ’Stangs Club invited all makes of vehicles to the 2nd annual Benefit Car Show on Jun 5, and it was held in Gruene, TX, to support the Iraq Star Foundation. A majority of the vehicles in attendance were Mustangs of all years and in various states of progress, along with many other makes and models.
1966 Mustang Fastback
I had the chance to drool over see this 1966 Mustang
a few days after the car show at over at Tri-County Collision,
where most of the work has been done.
While I was there, I got to sit in the passenger seat
and listen to the engine run (and wish I was taking it home).
2002 Roush Convertible
Back at the show, walking down "Mustang Alley" we saw
a 2002 Roush convertible...that really stood out -
but not because of the doors....
It was the color of the paint -
Colorado Red.
Ford Fairlane
This blog won't discriminate against other car models...
As you can see, I've included a Corvette photo, but you have
to look past the massive Ford Fairlane to see it.
That is...
428 Cobra Jet Engine
If you could take your eyes off the Cobra engine.
1986 SVO
The owner of this 1986 SVO has taken
care to keep this car as close to original as possible...
And, paid attention to details, such as adding Dyna-mat,
adding new weather stripping and so much more.
I think that this SVO looks as good now as it did then.
Cobra II
This Cobra II was looking good under the sun.
Now...I may be a bit partial to red with black stripes,
but you gotta admit, it looks good on just about any
Mustang, no matter the year or model.
Interior of Cobra II
The inside was just as clean,
with a bit of a friendly warning for any passengers
who would be thinking of going along for the ride.
All in all, we had a great time at the show,
and got a chance to meet really nice people
who shared ideas and swapped stories with us.
We are on the look out for other car shows to attend -
So, if you know of any meets, shows or swaps
or if you have photos of cars you'd like to share
leave a link in the comments.


Donna said...

Awesome photos! I like the Ford Fairlane photo the best, I must admit, cool angle. And the black one on top is cool too. Engine photos... meh... it's an engine. Color me not mechanically minded.

CMurray said...

Thanks! I wish I could post EVERY photo I took that day...100+
I think engine pics are great-engines have lots of details that can be captured, and a clean 428 Cobra... well, I couldn't pass THAT up!

BMurray said...

MmMmmmmm 428 Cobra Jet... Me likey.