Sunday, June 6, 2010

Car Show

Even though it was blistering hot outside,
we made it down to the Harley Davidson in Gruene, TX
for the 2nd annual Benefit Car Show,
which the South Texas ’Stangs Club started in order to
raise money to donate to the Iraq Star Foundation.

We met up with other Mustang owners who were
eager to talk about their cars,
and modifications that have
been completed or are in progress.

Mustang-Alley: Trunk Lids OpenWalking into an actual Mustang Alley was just awesome.

Mustang-Alley: Hoods Open
This was just the first row of Mustangs.
All in all there were about 80+ vehicles there
from all years including some trucks and 'vettes,
which will be seen in the next few posts....

Until then,

Look, but Don't Touch

Even though there's a mutual respect between competing vehicles,
a friendly reminder doesn't hurt either.

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