Friday, June 25, 2010

Mustang 1000 Lap Challenge

Did you miss it?!
Even though V8's are the preferred
engine around here, this news about the
2011 Mustang V6 1000 Lap Challenge is pretty awesome!

The challenge was to find out if the V6 powered Mustang
could last at least 1,000 laps around a race-track...
on ONE tank of gas.

There were many formulas out there
using what the known factors were -
16 gallon tank, about a half-mile track
against the unknowns -
the main one being MPH, cruise-control usage, weight, etc...

It's amazing that the 2011 V6 Mustang
went even further than the 1000 lap goal
by a whopping 45.7%

It made it 1,457 times around the Bristol Motor Speedway,
averaging 48.5 MPG at an average speed of 43.9 MPH.

A bit on the slow side for being on the race-track,
but this was a CHALLENGE.
So every measure was taken to ensure the
1,000 lap goal would be met.

I think it would be a greater challenge
for me to stay under 45 MPH
At that speed, I could relax a bit,
drink coffee and read the newspaper.
LOL Just kidding... heh-heh.

Congrats to the 22 contestants who
guessed the correct number of laps.
One of those contestants will
walk away with keys to their
very own 2011 Mustang.


Thanks to the MustangBlog
and Muscular Mustang
on twitter where I found
the final numbers.

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